Information for Montana's Tourism Industry


Publicity is one of the most believable and effective types of exposure a travel destination can get.  Coverage in key travel and news media markets can result in stories and programs that generate interest in Montana.  The publicity / photography program works with all media outlets to facilitate this coverage and help spread the word about the latest and greatest reasons for visiting.

The goals for the publicity program include generating continuous positive editorial placement within all travel media outlets (domestic and international), including newspapers, consumer publications, travel trade media, broadcast outlets and the Web. To achieve these goals, the publicity program strives to strengthen and utilize the relationships with the state’s six tourism regions, Convention and Visitor Bureaus (CVBs) and tourism industry suppliers/partners to support and maintain fresh, cost-effective public relations strategies. To accomplish these goals, the Montana Office of Tourism works with a PR team from Mercury Advertising.

Publicity Campaigns

This is done in coordination with the state's tourism regions CVBs, and various public and private tourism industry suppliers / partners. In addition, publicity relations strategies are integrated into the consumer marketing campaigns to help support and generate greater results from Montana’s advertising efforts.

The publicity office also conducts media missions or themed media events in key national markets (New York, Los Angeles, Denver/Boulder) to increase awareness of Montana’s diverse travel product and to pitch targeted story placement.

Press Trips and Publicity/Photography Assistance

The publicity office works with the regions/CVBs to develop and implement group press trips (with a minimum goal of one trip per region per year), as well as individual press visits, with the objective being to generate positive editorial placement on the state. Both financial and logistical help is provided by the Montana Office of Tourism to qualified journalists, editors, producers and broadcasters.

Photography and Video Distribution

The Montana Office of Tourism serves as a resource for video footage, digital images and slides that the media can use free of charge to support travel-related articles and broadcast productions. These images are also available for use by the regions, CVBs, chambers, nonprofits and state / federal government entities, all for the primary purpose of promoting tourism.

Keeping in Touch

The publicity program utilizes email blasts to distribute story ideas and current events to the media, which includes all in-state newspapers, radio and television stations, as well as an extensive list of domestic and international contacts, the Montana Office of Tourism’s pressroom provides creative, current subject matter to the media, as well as providing an outlet for those involved in state tourism to get the word out on new offerings (events, activities, lodging, etc.) for the visitor.

Evaluation Mechanisms

Through a software program, PR Trak, the publicity office has the ability to track media coverage that results in a timelier, complete, accurate assessment of the dollar value of Montana’s travel and tourism editorial exposure.

Publicity Values Reports

Montana is inherently press worthy, and that's part of why our state garnered over $37 million dollars in travel-related publicity in FY11. Utilizing our PRTrak software, the Publicity Program has improved how we capture and report on travel and tourism-related stories. In this section, we will provide comprehensive, regularly updated reports detailing many data-rich aspects of our PR coverage.

PR Trak Publicity Value Report:July 2010 - June 2011

PR Trak Publicity Value Report:July 2009 - June 2010