Information for Montana's Tourism Industry


This program develops outreach and public information programs to publicize the Montana Office of Tourism’s and the Montana tourism industry’s initiatives and activities in order to educate and encourage community cooperation, support and understanding of the industry.

A goal of this program is to expand tourism education and outreach throughout Montana.  To help achieve this goal, the Montana Office of Tourism is working on ways to expand the staff’s presence in Montana’s communities and is developing resources to educate the public about Montana’s tourism industry.

The Montana Office of Tourism welcomes opportunities to educate Montanans on the importance of tourism to the state's economy. MTOT staff is available to give presentations throughout Montana in order to to increase support, understanding and local cooperation for Montana’s tourism industry and build public awareness of Montana Office of Tourism programs.

If you are interested in scheduling a presentation for your community or organization, please contact Sarah Lawlor at

In addition, the Montana Office of Tourism’s intranet site provides various resources including quick reference sheets on Tourism Fast Facts and Tourism Funding as well as links to various staff presentations given throughout the year. 

Montana Office of Tourism's Industry News Site and e-Newsletter Update
The Montana Office of Tourism has developed a Montana tourism industry news website in order to share and communicate news about our industry in a timely and effective manner.   We hope our partners are able to use the site as a resource for information about our industry (see RESOURCE LINKS); to keep abreast of developments in the Office of Tourism (see PROGRAMS); to view recent tourism-related articles (see TOURISM TIDBITS); and read what is being said about our great state and its people (see RECENT STORIES ON MONTANA and MONTANANS IN THE NEWS).

Articles and links are added throughout the month and once a month, all the new content is pulled together and sent out in a newsletter format.  The monthly email newsletter is designed to keep the Montana Office of Tourism's tourism partners informed on the issues, challenges, success stories, research, activities, events and developments important to the state's tourism industry. If you would like to receive the “Update” via email, please sign up at Scroll to the bottom of the page, fill out your information and click the “subscribe to our newsletter” box

Crisis Communication
The Public Information Officer/Communications Manager oversees crisis communication activities on behalf of the Montana Office of Tourism and when applicable, assists partners with crisis communication.  Examples of this include distributing daily Fire Updates when fires are impacting travel and recreation during the summer and fall months.  To be added to the daily Fire Updates email distribution, please contact

In-State Media
This program strives to establish and maintain effective working relationships with in-state media contacts to promote and cultivate media coverage of Montana and its tourism opportunities through press releases, interviews, etc.  Visit our press release section to view the Montana Office of Tourism’s most recent releases.