Montana Office of Tourism


Travel Montana's consumer marketing program is designed to position Montana's vacation opportunities in the minds of consumers, motivating them to consider Montana as a prime tourist destination. Paid advertising, including joint ventures with private-sector tourism industry partners and other appropriate state and provincial travel offices, is the major marketing tool used to reach this goal.

All advertising is targeted toward consumers shown by market research and experience to be most likely to visit Montana: people who live within a certain geographic area and fit a certain demographic profile, people who have special interests that draw them to Montana, or both. Consumers who have responded to past advertising campaigns are also identified and targeted. Database marketing methods are used to capitalize on previous consumer inquiries through direct marketing campaigns.

The 1-800-VISIT-MT telephone number and Internet address are used in all advertising campaigns to reinforce consumer awareness of Montana and facilitate requests for further information.

Updated marketing plans and cooperative opportunities will be posted shortly.